Texas Fire Chiefs Executive Conference

March 10-12, 2020

Texas A&M Hotel & Conference Center

College Station

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conference schedule

March 10-12, 2020 : College Station, Texas



March 10, 2020

8:30am Welcome

Presentation of Colors



Awards Program






Morning Keynote  

1% Better Every Day - Strategies for the Tactical Athlete

Adam La Reau, O2X co-founder, former Navy SEAL

Prior to O2X, Adam was a former Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy who began his military career as a Midshipman at the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) in Kings Point, New York. After graduating and earning his commission in 2002, he became the first U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Midshipman to report directly to — and successfully complete — the U.S. Navy’s Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training to earn the title of U.S. Navy SEAL. His efforts helped develop a pipeline for future U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Midshipman to pursue goals of serving their country as U.S. Navy SEALs. Having left active duty in August 2013, Adam attended the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and received a Master of Public Administration before starting O2X.


Lunch (on your own)


1:15pm - 4:30pm

O2X Human Performance Sessions

O2X experts will teach you how to build a resilient force and tackle the fire service’s occupational hazards head-on.

Injury Risk Reduction for Tactical Athletes

O2X injury prevention specialist, Antigone Vesci, will highlight the main injury risks prevalent in the fire service and provide concrete, actionable ways to reduce vulnerabilities through O2X’s proven PREPARE SWEAT RECOVER curriculum

Fatigue Management for Tactical Athletes

O2X sleep specialist, Rachel Markwald, will discuss the science of sleep, the impact of fatigue on mental and physical health, and key strategies tactical athletes can use to manage fatigue and optimize performance for the duration of their careers.



Evening Events

Tour of Kyle Field/Tailgate Party - Sponsored by BRW Architects

Blauer Hospitality Suite



March 11, 2020


The Arsonist in the Office: Fireproofing Your Life Against Toxic Coworkers, Bosses, Employees, and Cultures

Pete Havel, Author

The Arsonist in the Office is your survival guide for enduring the toxic workplace (and toxic people) and a call to action for a bold new approach to addressing tough issues. If you have ever led an organization or participated on a team and felt completely frustrated by the sabotage of another colleague, leader, or even client, this speaker and his book is for you.

Leaders, colleagues and organizations across the world have adopted this new movement - to not just "create" a great culture but to protect it. 

Building a great culture is always a worthy goal but fireproofing it - is just as important. Pete provides detailed practical tools and tactics you need to know how to fireproof yourself and your culture from your organization's arsonists! 






Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance Update: Internal Size Up

Jeff Dill, FBHA

Saving Those Who Save Others. The mission of Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance is to collaborate, develop and implement behavioral health awareness, prevention, intervention, and post crisis strategies to provide firefighters with an easily accessible and confidential source of information.





Leadership: Learning to Laugh at Your Circumstances

Chad Prather, Humorist

Chad Prather was entertaining audiences on television as early as two years old.  The desire to be onstage started early.  He began acting at the age of 6 and by the age of 20 he was traveling all over the world using his communication skills to influence international leaders with humor and inspiration.  

Prather is known for his way with words. He is a comedian, armchair philosopher, musician, and observational humorist.  He is often referred to as "the modern day Will Rogers."  He is a fast-talking combination of Lewis Grizzard and Jeff Foxworthy.  Originally from Augusta, GA Chad now calls the Fort Worth, TX area home.  He grew up working with horses (an industry he is actively involved in) and is often recognized by his ever-present cowboy hat.  His social media viral video are counted in the hundreds of millions. Many recognize him from his fast talking, rapid fire rants from the front seat of his truck.  CNN has labeled him the "Pick-up Pundit" and Fox News' Tucker Carlson has called Prather, "supernaturally articulate."  He is known for his comedic family stories told from an adult perspective onstage.


Lunch (on your own)



Budgeting for Excellence in Fire Service

Josh Selleck, City Manager, City of Kilgore

Josh Selleck has been City Manager of Kilgore since March 2015.  He was previously employed as an Assistant City Manager for Cedar Park, Texas.  He also served roles previously as Director of Finance, Budget Manager, and Budget Analyst.  Selleck holds a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Clarion University in Pennsylvania and a Masters of Public Administration and a Masters of Science in Financial from Texas Tech University.






Active Shooter Analysis: It’s Not A Matter Of If, But When; Odessa, August 31, 2019 

Marty Moya, CFE

Odessa Fire Rescue

“It’s not a matter of if, but when.” These are words often uttered when we know that there are certain incidents that we know we cannot prevent. In the fire service these incidents range from the next structure fire, traffic accident, ems call and the list goes on. These are incidents that we know and expect to respond to. These are the incidents that we train and educate our personnel for. While active shooter events with mass casualties are not new to us, they have become more frequent in recent times and certainly deserve to be at the forefront of the education and training priority list. On August 31st, 2019, the Odessa Fire Rescue was called upon for this type of event.


A Comparative Analysis of Benefits and Limitations of a High School Fire Academy Program

Freddy Rolon, MS EDM, B.B.A., AS ChE, CFE

Kyle Fire Department

Many fire departments across the United States including Texas have staffing issues. According to the United States Fire Administration (USFA), 70.5% of the fire departments in Texas are volunteers, 12.0 % mostly volunteer, 6.2% mostly career, 11.3% career (2019 stats).

“We’ve lost some structures because we either didn’t have enough personnel right at the critical time that we needed them or not the right kind of equipment or maybe we were having trouble getting enough water on the fire early on” “The more time the fire has to get going, the bigger they get, so the more out of control they could be” said Hale Center Volunteer Fire Department, Chief Mike Watson.

The lack of potential qualified applicants in the fire service presents an opportunity to fire departments across the nation to address the shortage strategically. After discussing the problems faced on staffing across Texas fire departments with several forums, including the Texas Fire Chiefs Association, Texas Association of Fire Academy Directors, Texas Association of Fire Educators, Hays County Fire Chief Association and others, the central idea of this research is to determine what are the benefits and limitations of coordinating and hosting a high school fire academy. After the problem is defined and identified, a comparative analysis will be presented between the advantages and shortcomings to determine the gaps and recommendations for improvement.






TFCA Annual Business Meeting





Evening Events

Private Tour:George Bush Library 

Blauer Hospitality Suite



March 12, 2020


Creating a Culture of Courage: A Behavioral Health Study of Resilience and Response to Traumatic Events for Firefighters and Suicide Ideation

Brett M. Ellis, Ed.D.

Assistant Chief of Operations-Fire, Harris County ESD #48 Fire-EMS

Dr. Brett Ellis (Asst. Chief of Operations @ HCESD 48 FD) shares findings and recommendations from his original research centered on first responder resilience in relation to traumatic events, how different ranks cope with symptomatic responses, encouraged practices after high acuity call types, and how leaders must enact cultural change for their people through education, empathy, and empowerment.  This session will challenge participants as change leaders to seek deeper relational organizational needs, provide increased awareness to the growing epidemic of first responder suicide, and provide tangible solutions which rival traditional mindsets. 






You Distinct Advantage: The Point In Time That Changes Everything

Dave Sanderson





Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering Is Optional: PTSD Q&A and Group Discussion

Tania Glenn, PsyD, LCSW, Tania Glenn and Associates, PA

Our vision is to provide the best and most effective care for our clients through proven counseling and consultation techniques for patients experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety and mood disorders, family/relationship issues, stress, trauma, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

As a clinical practice based in Austin, TX, Tania Glenn and Associates, PA provides counseling, consultation, and training in the mental health arena. Tania Glenn and Associates, PA, along with the Trauma Defense Team, is dedicated to serving the mental health needs of veterans, first responders and their families, both locally and nationally through the use of effective, appropriate, and proven interventions.



Lunch (on your own)


Company Officer Insight: What Chiefs Need to Know & Examination of the COS Curriculum

Daniel DeYear, Dallas Fire Rescue

Join Chief DeYear to learn the challenges that Company Officers encounter throughout the state, and how you and your command staff can coach and empower those individuals who are arguably the most influential members in the fire department.






It’s Never Too Late To Believe In Your Dreams

Jim “The Rookie” Morris

The Cinderella story of Jim Morris serves as testimony to the power of dreams and their ability to inspire and transform human life. Jim Morris’s meteoric rise from 35 year-old high school teacher to flame-throwing major league pitcher in 3 months, made cinematic history with the release of The Rookie starring Dennis Quaid.

Eleven years after retiring from minor league baseball, Jim Morris was giving a speech to his high school team about the importance of dreams and hard work when his high school players challenged him to pursue his own dream of pitching in the major leagues. Jim Morris made the bet with his high school team: if they won the District Championship, he would tryout for the majors.

Jim Morris’s team fulfilled their end of the bargain, which committed him to a big league tryout. Inspired by his family and students, Jim immediately signed a professional baseball contract. His rise from obscurity became the feel-good story of 1999. After pitching for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 2000, Jim Morris signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers and retired from baseball in 2001.





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