Texas Fire Chiefs Academy

Make Your Plans to Attend!


Attend one of the upcoming Texas Fire Chiefs Academies. This Academy is quickly becoming a desired/required credential for fire chief positions throughout the state, as seen in several recent job postings. And your department may qualify for up to $575 of funding that could go toward tuition! Review the Texas Forest Service Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program guidelines. Current chiefs and executive officers are especially encouraged to attend. Graduates of the Academy receive the Certified Fire Executive or CFE professional designation.


Registration is now open for the Academy! The fee includes tuition, books and lunch.  Please note that tuition does NOT include room or hotel accommodations.  Registrants will be encouraged to make reservations at nearby hotels for their comfort.  

Please watch the Friday Report for additional information on hotel blocks for the Academy.

Texas Fire Chiefs Academy is a comprehensive training opportunity for current fire chiefs and those who aspire to be fire chiefs. All applicants must be members of the Texas Fire Chiefs Association.

Texas Fire Chiefs Academy


Round Rock Public Safety Building

2801 N. Mays

Round Rock, Texas

Cost: $1000

October 25-30, 2020

Garland Fire Training Facility

1500 HWY 66

Garland, Texas

Cost: $1000

Texas Fire Chiefs Academy - Round Rock


Texas Fire Chiefs Academy - Garland

October 25-30, 2020

Year 2 Project instructions

Additional Information


Year 2 Project - Texas Fire Chiefs Academy

The intention of this piece of the Academy is to give you an opportunity to do a research project, write up a paper on the topic and present it to your colleagues.  Your colleagues will then have an opportunity to ask you questions about the topic.  Some of the best discussions at the Academy take place during these presentations and it's always interesting to hear what other departments are doing to answer the day to day challenges of running a fire department - as well as hear about the innovations some departments are undertaking.  It's hard not to be inspired after hearing these presentations!

Here are the minimum requirements for your paper/presentation:

- Find a research topic that is of interest to you (a small sampling of what people have done in the past is below for your reference).  These topics can be a more traditional research topic method using case studies, statistics, articles, etc. or you can take a more philosophical approach to a subject.  Topics we've seen in the past are "Philosophies of Management", "Leadership in the 21st Century", "What We Should Be Doing in the Fire Service", etc.  As you can see these last few topics are more theoretical than hard research.  Both approaches are fine.  Honestly, if it's a topic you're interested in exploring and you think it may be of some use to a fellow colleague, you should pursue that topic!  There's really no wrong answer on this...

- Write the paper.   The paper should be between 1000-1500 words and you'll submit it 

electronically.  We are NOT going to do a word count on this.  This is instead intended to give you an idea of what you should be looking at pulling together page-wise.  Please note that we will publish these papers to the membership so please don't plagiarize or infringe on any copyrights that may get us in trouble!!! These papers will be due by end of business (5:00 p.m.) on Tuesday of the Academy.

- Prepare your presentation.   We will allocate 10 minutes for each person's presentation.  And PRACTICE!!! Most people do a PowerPoint presentation but it is certainly NOT required.  A straightforward lecture is perfectly fine. But if you go over the 10 minutes you will be cut off!!!  You MUST practice this presentation. We recommend you do this several times, out loud by yourself to get comfortable with the material.  

Below please find some topics folks have presented in the past for your review:


Maintaining a Reserve Apparatus Fleet to Replace Front Line Apparatus

Time To Revisit Our Narcotic Use System

In the Era of No or Low Pay Increases, How to Get a Raise



CAFS systems

Primary Leadership Development Training

UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) Budget

Physical Agility Testing - Discussion of the Issues

EMS For Less

Needs of a Family After a LODD 

If you want to explore resources available to you, the Texas Commission on Fire Protection has a library with books and research available for you.